The Carolyn Kelly Memorial Education Fund was formed as a bequest of Carolyn Kelly to provide financial assistance to all individuals trying to further their education.

According to the terms of the Carolyn Kelly Memorial Education Fund, the Scholarship Committee is directed to evaluate applications seeking to identify individuals who are likely to, through their actions and deeds make a substantial contribution to society.

Selected candidates will demonstrate their dedication to excellence in their lives through service, education, and employment.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants whose leadership potential is evident regardless of their chosen field of study or financial need. If an individual truly desires a better life through education and is willing to tackle all the issues they will be confronting, taking on all the obstacles, plus being true to one’s convictions and stand tall in the face of adversity….

The Carolyn Kelly Memorial Trust Scholarship Fund will do everything in its power to help you financially.

The Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for college and graduate school enrollees (who otherwise meet the criteria), pursuing degrees in any and all fields. The Carolyn Kelly Memorial Education Fund awards up to $12,500.00 to the worthiest applicants.

Over $350,000.00 Awarded to date!
80 Deserving Individual(s)
1000 Applicants have submitted!